Problema: Write a function: def solution(A, B, K) that, given three integers A, B and K, returns the number of integers within the range [A..B] that are divisible by K, i.e.: { i : A ≤ i ≤ B, i mod K = 0 } For example, for A = 6, B = 11 and K = 2, your function should return 3, because there are three numbers divisible by 2 within the range [6..11], namely 6, 8 and 10. Assume that: A and B are integers within the range [0..2,000,000,000]; K is an integer within the range [1..2,000,000,000]; A ≤ B. Complexity: expected worst-case time complexity is O(1); expected worst-case space complexity is O(1). Solución: Ok este problema esta fácil, lo[…]